Promise catalogue, by Deirdre Logue




Published by YYZ Artists’ Outlet,

Toronto, 1999.

A collection of performance-based video and film dedicated to different states of becoming,Promise featured work by Tamami Asada (Japan), Lucy Gunning (UK), Louise Lilefeldt (Canada), Anne McGuire (USA), Judy Radul (Canada), Pipilotti Rist (Switzerland), Deb Strutt and Liz Baulch (Australia). Curated by Deirdre Logue, and presented at YYZ from 15 September, 15 October 1999, the accompanying catalogue features an essay by Kathleen Pirrie Adams along with images from the works in the exhibition and other text pieces.

“Desire can be so simple. A simple match of qualities, a simple case of the right time, right place. Apparently newly hatched geese follow the first moving thing they see. Usually, this is their mother.

A dark helmet of hair, overdrawn liquid liner eyes and a Revlon red mouth formed an emblem of sophistication. Like many others who grew up in North America at the other end of the Doris Day spectrum, my mother modeled herself after Elizabeth Taylor. In this imitation, she found a shield. Being like Liz was a form of sympathetic magic that forced the mirror to return a spellbinding image glamorous, aloof, correct. With it she could crank up her chin and cover Bacon’s creature.”

– from “Lady in the Lake: Fluid Forms of Self in Performance Video” by Kathleen Pirrie Adams


ISBN: 0-920397-28-X


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