YYZ Membership: Contributor




With yourContributormembership, you receive:
  • Two YYZ membership cards, valid for one year
  • 50% off YYZBOOKS
  • Free admission and shop discounts to most other public art galleriesin Ontario (OAAG)
  • Member discounts at YYZ events
  • Invitations to special events and members-only meet+greetopportunities with exhibiting artists
  • Discounts at local businesses
  • Recognition of your support on the website and in the YYZLOUNGE
  • Discounted professional development sessions with leadingarts professionals
  • Two YYZ t-shirts designed by a featured artist
  • Two copies of YYZ’s yearly compilation of commissioned exhibition essays
  • A charitable tax receipt for the maximum allowed by Canada Revenue Agency
  • One YYZMULTIPLE by a featured artist
  • Admission to over 500 institutions through the North AmericanReciprocal Museum Network (NARM), including Albright-Knox Art Gallery (Buffalo), the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and hundreds more!


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